The road to successful entrepreneurship
is full of twists and turns

We've got your roadmap to you making twice as much, working half the time. (Really, this is totally possible. The members of the Boldheart Business program prove it every day.) Access your free guide by clicking on the button below (we'll ask you two simple questions that will help us tailor the content to your specific needs).

Looking for directions to your next level in business, but afraid of getting overwhelmed or losing your freedom? 
You can actually have both. Your journey starts here.

Inside my brand new guide, you’ll discover:

12 Activators to Making Twice as Much, Working Half the Time 

Yes, there are 12 separate ways to make so much more without working more in your business. The great news? You don’t have to apply all of them to see results. Just like you don’t need to drive on all of the roads printed on a map to get to where you’re going, implementing just a few of the Activators I’m sharing in this guide will get you results…  

You will gain value from reading them all, but you have my permission to just choose the one or two that resonate with you the most, the ones that make the most sense for your current level of business and the specific challenges you are experiencing now​.


Put them into action (I’ll show you how), and watch what happens.​ 

​Don't worry about figuring out what Activators you should focus on first. I will ask you a couple of simple questions to point you in the right direction so that you can focus on the most meaningful Activators for your current stage of business.  


Even better?  

These activators are about making more by ​doing less…  

​In the Boldheart Business program, we believe that there is a different way to success than efforting, struggling, sacrificing or compromising.  


There is The Boldheart Way.


I am here to show you that you are indeed so incredibly worthy of experiencing all of the abundance of a successful business, while making a real impact through your work and thoroughly enjoying your life.

This roadmap will show you the way…  

​​Can’t wait for you to dive in! Enjoy every moment. 


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